Allegiance Un-Cancelled… Sort Of.

Gavin Stenhouse, star of NBC’s spy thriller series Allegiance posted on Facebook today that while Allegiance was cancelled and removed from its 10pm slot on the network, episodes will continue to be released online: Cord-cutters: Wonderful news! Allegiance will continue to air on the website, iTunes & VOD etc… So in this modern world of […]

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Allegiance Cancelled

After only 5 episodes on NBC, the spy drama and thriller Allegiance has been cancelled. The pilot opened with over 5 million viewers, but subsequently dropped to under 3.5 million viewers after. The show was in a historical difficult time slot, showing at 10pm on the network. The time slot will now be filled by The Slap, […]

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Review: Allegiance – Pilot

Last week, NBC premiered the pilot episode of their new spy thriller, Allegiance. The story follows CIA analyst Alex O’Connor Gavin Stenhouse) as he works to investigate the SVR’s (former KGB) actions on U.S. soil, rumored to possibly “bring America to its knees.” Alex is an extremely intuitive individual who does not see the threat right […]

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