Wave 7 of SDCC 2015 Guests

Another 5 guests have been announced for San Diego Comic Con 2015. Take a look at the next group of guests and see if one of your favorites is among them! Matt Fraction, Writer, Sex Criminals, ODY-C, Hawkeye Lora Innes, Writer/artist, The Dreamer A. Lee Martinez, Author, Gil’s All Fright Diner, The Automatic Detective Ed […]

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What’s Next for Arrow?

Arrow has taken viewers on a wild ride this season. We’ve loved. We’ve lost. We’ve mourned. We’ve cheered! We’ve been teased with crossovers and Easter eggs. With a new episode of Arrow coming this week (Wednesday, March 18), the PaleyFest 2015 trailer for the show reveals that this season of Arrow is far from over! Show […]

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What’s Next for The Flash?

PaleyFest 2015 has recently passed and with it panels with CW shows like The Flash. With the remainder of season 1 left, we have had many plot lines teased, dangled in front of us like a carrot in front a rabbit. What kind of twists and turns can we expect in the world of the Scarlet […]

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Marvel Studios Nix SDCC 2015?

Rumor has it that Marvel Studios may not be attending the International Comic Con in San Diego this summer. This potentially worrisome news comes on the tail end of comments from Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn. When asked during a Q&A if he would be attending SDCC this year, he responded with indecision, saying, […]

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