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I love watching movies and television. As an introvert, I relish in my relationships with fictional characters and delve into their worlds with gusto. I can remember what shows I was watching during certain points in my life. Just as a good song or even a scent can take a person down memory lane, I can reach back into my own history simply by watching (or re-watching) a show or movie. Over the years (and especially more recently, as I’ve come to openly accept my nerdiness), I’ve also learned lessons from my cinematic viewing experiences. I’ve been able to find out what kind of person I am, what kind of person I want to be, etc. I love sharing that experience with others. I could talk about my favorites for hours, at length, without a struggle. Believe me, even if no one was reading, I’d still likely be blogging.

But I must announce a leave of absence from the world of media entertainment. I stopped writing blog posts somewhere around April, due to a 2 month long trip to Europe, to hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and to explore several other countries. And now, within a month, I will be going to Rwanda as a Peace Corps volunteer, for 27 months. That being said, I suspect that my tv and movie habits will likely be severely limited in such a different environment. While I was writing, I liked to pride myself on catching relevant entertainment news first. I tried to be prompt with my episode viewing and reviewing of tv shows and movies. Because I can no longer maintain that standard, I will likely not be blogging for quite some time.

Be advised, that upon my return to the United States (in just a couple of years) I would certainly like to pick this blog back up and commit to making it a successful website for fellow nerds to come to. Until then, live long and prosper, nerds!

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