Review: The Flash – Ep. 15 “Out of Time”

So much happened. But didn’t happen. The Flash last night gave fans a bit of a shock in more ways that one with ep. 15 “Out of Time.” Twists abounded. It’s not a direction I thought the show was necessarily going to go, but it was a fantastic surprise that it did. Twitter was blowing up on Tuesday night with the responses of viewers watching the show, which built a strong sense of suspense for me as I waited for the show to be posted on Hulu.

Last night’s episode had a slow start. I was concerned that the Tweets were all just hype. We saw the introduction of the Weather Wizard (Liam McIntyre), out to seek vengeance for the death of his brother at the hands of Joe (Jesse L. Martin) at the start of the season. For awhile, the story felt like a bit of a rehash. We’ve seen someone manipulate the weather before. The “sins of the father are visited on the son” concept is nothing new to television or movies. Despite a bit of a cookie-cutter story, McIntyre’s performance was entrancing. The vengeance card can often be overplayed, dangerously dancing the line of melodramatic. McIntyre exhibited an ability to make his character feel grounded, despite the Shakespearean-ness of it all. Knowing that the story with the Weather Wizard isn’t over yet is exciting, because we will get to see at least one more episode with him as the baddie of the week.

The most one-sided battle with the police since The Terminator.We also see an interesting turn with the relationship between Iris West (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin). While many fans “ship” them and feel that it is Barry’s ultimate destiny to end up with Iris, I felt like I had missed a page somewhere in their story. Last we had checked in with them, Barry was happily dating his sports reporter gal, Linda Park (Malese Jow) and Iris had moved in with Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett). Iris and Barry were awkwardly in each other’s lives, but there was an uneasy understanding between them. The problem I had while watching is that there was an evolution during this episode that appeared unprecedented. Eddie and Linda are jealous, and Barry and Iris are overly comfortable with each other again. They pass the point of familial bond and march ever closer to the “destiny” fans hope for. But why the transition? What happened? When did it happen? This part of the episode felt forced, as if we were playing into a needy teenage girl’s fantasy. Some things are better left to lie for awhile. Perhaps that wish will yet come true… SPOILERS.

While the the plots involving the Weather Wizard and Iris are not particularly exciting… things just went on hyper-drive from there. I hugged my blanket, swung around and tossed pillows in frustration, and repeatedly said, “WHAT?!” I was thoroughly impressed with the close of the episode as the last 10-15 minutes reached a climax I would have expected for a season finale. Berlanti, Guggenheim, and Kreisberg have certainly upped the ante for television episode standards, delving into backstabbing and betrayal, vengeance, love, death, and even time travel. At one point, [SPOILERS] the sentences, “Marc Guggenheim! You can’t keep killing people! What are you doing to my television?!”  were uttered. I quickly realized that I was more emotionally invested in some characters than I originally believed. Nothing like a good death now and then to remind you who is important to you (even if it’s all fictional).

Usually, I’d provide more of a synopsis of the episode. However, “Out of Time” is one episode of The Flash that is best experienced fresh, without spoilers and without having preconceived ideas. I would say that it is best to go into the episode knowing that Carlos Valdes’ acting is going to rock your world with his acting skills. It would be prudent to advise that the secrets of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) are meant to be aired out eventually. And sometimes the star of The Flash isn’t always The Flash himself.

Next week, The Flash will find the Scarlet Speedster at odds once again with the elements, as Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) come back to Central City, along with their sister, Golden Glider. Check out the promo below, and watch The Flash on the CW on Tuesday nights at 8/7c. to see how time travel will further affect the DC universe world of The Flash and team as we finish the first season and go into the next.

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