Allegiance Un-Cancelled… Sort Of.

Gavin Stenhouse, star of NBC’s spy thriller series Allegiance posted on Facebook today that while Allegiance was cancelled and removed from its 10pm slot on the network, episodes will continue to be released online:

Wonderful news! Allegiance will continue to air on the website, iTunes & VOD etc…
So in this modern world of on demand programming if, like me, you rarely watch TV live and enjoy catching up with your favourite shows at the weekend, on the sofa with a glass of wine or even in the bathroom while you poop… You can!!!
I’ll post links to the new episodes here each week.

So if you were hooked on the show (as I was), you can rest easy without the haunting question, “What happens next?!” If you haven’t been watching – you can catch up now at

With shows like Community or Netflix originals like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black being released in online only formats, are we seeing the future of television viewing?

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