Marvel Studios Nix SDCC 2015?

Rumor has it that Marvel Studios may not be attending the International Comic Con in San Diego this summer. This potentially worrisome news comes on the tail end of comments from Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn. When asked during a Q&A if he would be attending SDCC this year, he responded with indecision, saying, “I’m not sure. Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.”

However, all may not be lost. Marvel Studios may be considered a separate entity from Marvel Entertainment, which may (and likely will) make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con. It would seem highly unlikely to find Marvel absent from one of the biggest industry events in the country.

Do you think Marvel would take a break from SDCC? Perhaps in favor of the D23 Expo? Does this come as a shock or do you think the rumors may be unfounded?

Keep watching for further news about the presence of Marvel Studios at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con.

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