Allegiance Cancelled

After only 5 episodes on NBC, the spy drama and thriller Allegiance has been cancelled. The pilot opened with over 5 million viewers, but subsequently dropped to under 3.5 million viewers after. The show was in a historical difficult time slot, showing at 10pm on the network. The time slot will now be filled by The Slap, which is moving from its 8pm spot to the 10pm slot.

The show was a spy thriller following the O’Connor family dealing with a Russian plot that was set to bring America to its knees. The parents are wrangled back into the spy game in an effort to protect their CIA analyst son who is moved onto a CIA-FBI task force tracking the movements of the SVR and a possible plot in the U.S. for an attack.

Although the show was only on for 5 episodes and viewership was low, I still believe the show was a solid one. The characters were clear and memorable, with a male lead (Gavin Stenhouse) who played a refreshingly sweet rookie with a fervent sense of justice. Stenhouse safely toed the line of character quirks without crossing over into overly awkward and overplayed oddities. Scott Cohen and Hope Davis also expertly played their roles as a married couple in a the midst of a terrorist plot, lending an air of realism to the interactions. The show moved at a brisk and thrilling pace and opened enough doors each episode to keep the story going.

It’s a shame to see the show go so soon. Tune in to the NBC miniseries The Slap now in the 10/9c time slot on Thursdays.

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