Hans Zimmer vs. Batman vs. Superman

Batman v. Superman is in production, and along with filming the movie must also be scored. A film that is expected to be one of superhero epic proportions should have a soundtrack that can be described in the same way. The decision for the individual to score a film is not one that should be taken lightly. Music can make or break a scene, enhancing tension and suspense or creating a feeling of elation and joy. The music can set the tone, and its importance can therefore not be underestimated.

And so Hans Zimmer, the man who has brought us so many memorable film scores through the years, has signed on to help create the sound for Batman vs. Superman. You may remember that Zimmer scored the Dark Knight trilogy, and therefore one can trust he has an intimate knowledge of the character. But in a surprising twist, the Batman scoring veteran will likely be scoring the music for Superman in the film, while Junkie XL will likely be scoring the music for our dark winged hero.

Batman v. Superman is set to release March 25, 2016. Keep stopping by for more updates as they occur.

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