CW Superhero Spin-Off

CW is utilizing the talents of Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggeinhem, and Greg Berlanti to the fullest extent, teasing another DC superhero show in development. Due to the unparalleled success of Arrow and now The Flash, it is not surprising that the CW would bite onto the comic book hook.

The CW Developing DC Comics Spin-offWe have heard teasing of a spin-off series in the past couple months, especially after the entrance of Ray Palmer and the ATOM suit on Arrow, but the rumors were unconfirmed. On February 27, Greg Berlanti tweeted (and was retweeted by Marc Guggenheim): “Yes, we’re creating a spinoff from #Arrow and #TheFlash and couldn’t be more excited by the cast signing on. More to come. #SuperheroTeamUp”

The curiosity doesn’t end there, however. Will the show go straight to series? Who will be featured? Thus far, we know that Arrow‘s Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz will star in the offshoot, along with The Flash‘s Wentworth Miller and Victor Garber. There are also reports that the show is set to feature 3 DC characters who have never appeared on a TV series. Any ideas who those characters might be? With the plethora of characters making entrances on Gotham on Fox, it is hard to imagine who will be left by the time season 1 is finished, let alone a second season.

How do you feel about another superhero show on CW? Who do you think we will see next and where will these characters fit in?

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