Casting Continues for Supergirl

CBS has found their Supergirl in Melissa Benoist. They have found their Jimmy Olsen in Mehcad Brooks. The casting process has continued, and we now know who Supergirl’s biological mother will be.

Alura, from Krypton, sent her daughter from the doomed planet to Earth (much the same as Clark Kent’s story begins) where Kara’s journey then continues. In Man of Steel we saw Clark’s biological father continuing to guide him when he was an adult on Earth. It seems that Kara might find the same wisdom and guidance from Alura in the television show Supergirl. Laura Benanti (known from her work in Nashville) has been cast as Alura.

Laura BenantiCasting for the CBS show from Berlanti Productions continues. Do you think we will see Kara’s cousin, Clark Kent, in the show? What other characters are you excited to see?

Stay tuned for more casting and development updates about Supergirl.

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