The Flash is Out of Time!!!

Ummm… what?! If you have seen the new promo for the next episode of The Flash titled “Out of Time” you will know exactly what I mean. The story of Reverse Flash that has been teased all season long appears to finally be coming to a head. No official synopsis has been released for the episode yet – if at all. Perhaps some things are better a mystery? If you haven’t seen the short promo, hold onto your britches and check it out.

It’s a fantastic video preview, but it ends with the worst possible news… MARCH 17th?! You want me to wait how long for this?! Last time The Flash and Arrow went on break for the holidays I rewatched all episodes of both shows to fill the empty space in my tv life. Now you’ve revealed (apparently) the identity of Reverse Flash and we’ve seen Grodd talk, and you want me to WAIT?! Who’s with me?!

So, that being said, be on the lookout for my review of last night’s episode of The Flash “Fallout” coming later today and tune back in to CW on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 and 8/7c for the next episode.

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