Review: Agent Carter – Ep. 6 “A Sin to Err”

Agent Carter has only a few episodes left for the short first season and everything is coming to a head. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) has been traipsing about with Jarvis (James D’Arcy) trying to gather evidence and prove the innocence of the suspected traitor, Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper). Sneaking behind the backs of her colleagues has been the source of suspense in past episodes, and ep. 6 “A Sin to Err” brings Peggy out of the shadows and in direct opposition to the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve).

The story comically begins with Carter pursuing a lead from the mission in Russia. She sets out to find a female assassin, who would have easily slipped under Howard Stark’s radar. Jarvis and Carter head out to meet with women Stark “courted (read: cavorted with), and it is quickly clear that none of them are Russian assassins, and all of them have choice words and actions for Stark, taken out on Jarvis time and time again. Jarvis, the poor and bewildered Englishman, takes every slap and kick as we get a chuckle as the audience. This kind of subtle humor mixed within a serious story is a hallmark of Marvel’s story telling.

This episode shows the ladies really kicking some butt! Peggy Carter, finally outed as a double-agent within the SSR is cordoned into the diner, where she easily dispatches several male agents to escape into an alley. Our look at Carter last week was just a glimpse into the abilities she displayed this week. Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), the cocky SSR agent who until recently believed Carter to be nothing more than a glorified secretary was quickly taken down by Peggy as she attempted to flee from the SSR accusing her of treason. Dottie (Bridget Regan) serves as a precursor for possible later Black Widow stories. A Russian spy and assassin, trained as a young girl among many in a compound, she is a great villain for the story – especially as we focus on the power of women in the 1940s that is subtly played into Agent Carter.

In an even bigger villainous twist, we see that Leviathan may already be extending it tentacles (whoops… guess it’s not Hydra) into the SSR, as the rescued doctor from last week, Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown) turns out to be more than just a man captured and taken from his family. *SPOILERS* In a particular suspenseful moment, we see the doctor in the cross hairs of Dottie’s rifle. But she doesn’t take a shot. Instead, the two proceed to signal one another. Whhhhaaaaatttt?! We know that the bag guys get their hands into the SSR and SHIELD early in the game, embedding themselves deep within the organization from the beginning. Leviathan appears to be no different, infiltrating with smarts and a dash of hypnotism.

One detail that may escape the viewers is the blood of Steve Rogers. The only reason Peggy Carter found herself pincered into her apartment building was because she returned for the vial of his blood. And the end of the episode finds it upon the interrogation table between Carter and Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). Past experience with Marvel writers would tell us that this small detail received too much attention to be considered “small” and may rather be a source of further plot development. Keep your eyes peeled. One day Bruce Banner will be trying to reproduce the super soldier serum. One day we will see the Winter Soldier carrying out missions. That vial may be a key factor and hint at other origin stories.

This was certainly an action-packed episode of Agent Carter. While some may have complained at the pace with which the show progressed, that complaint can no longer stand as the story rockets forward. Roots were planted in previous episodes and the tree has now begun to bear fruit in ep. 6 “A Sin to Err.” With only 2 more episodes in the season, what do you think will happen with Peggy Carter and the SSR next?

Watch Agent Carter on ABC on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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