Spider-Man’s Rightful Place Among Heroes… Finally.

Rumors of talks between Marvel and Sony have been going on for some time. Fans have been hoping that Spider-Man would be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) along with the other established heroes like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. As an integral part of the Marvel Universe for decades as a fan favorite around the world, Spider-Man has been working in several solo films, fighting villains in New York City without teaming up with any other superheroes. Comic fans will tell you that Peter Parker strove to be a superhero with the likes of Wolverine and Captain America, but often felt that he fell short. If there was ever a fan boy within the superhero universe, it has been Peter Parker.

And now Peter’s dreams may come true within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a new deal with Sony promises an appearance from our favorite web-slinger in an unnamed future Marvel film. The appearance will be followed by another stand alone film with Spidey, set for July 28, 2017. (Let’s do the math here… how many Marvel movies are coming out between now and then? There’s only so many

Spider-Man Marvel Cinematic Universeoptions for where we will see Spider-Man make his appearance!) While Spider-Man may become part of the Marvel universe, the Marvel universe may finally get a crack at the world of Spider-Man, as the studios hope to bring some other superheroes to New York City along with Peter Parker in the future.

The new deal between Marvel and Sony has caused the change in the release dates set for several upcoming Marvel films. To see the new dates, check out this link:

Stay tuned for more Marvel updates as they come!

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