Jurassic World Live Feed

You want Jurassic World? You got it. As of Monday, you can now view “live feeds” of different areas in Jurassic World park. If you’re looking for Indominus Rex, don’t hold your breath. The only view we have thus far are the sneak peeks we’ve been presented with in the trailers and Super Bowl tv spot. However, if you want to check out sights from the Isla Nublar ferry, the employee breakroom, the gentle giants enclosure, or even the T-Rex paddock, click on the link below the photo to check out those areas, or any others of the 14 feeds currently running in Jurassic World. You can check on the temperature, the park hours, or even plan your visit to the fictional amusement park.



Thus far, the feeds don’t show anything too interesting. Humans are going about their work and viewing the touristy sights, but not a prehistoric creature to be seen as of yet. Considering the depths to which we are going for advertising, one can only hope that more action will be added to the feeds as the movie release on June 12, 2015 approaches.

Keep stopping by for updates for Jurassic World and the “live” feeds as they come!

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