Agent Carter – Review and Sneak Peek

Only 4 episodes remain of Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC. This week’s episode “The Blitzkrieg Button” brought us past the halfway mark of the limited debut season of the show.

The episode centered on Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) making a return to New York City to track down one of his toys previously taken from his lab. He and Jarvis (James D’Arcy) enlist the help of Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to locate and recapture his high tech gadget, a glorified light switch.

agent carter season 1 stark peggy Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Conundrum: A Fascinating (Yet Boring) Adventure
While the show as a whole is a slow moving series, working as an in-depth look into the SSR and its development into S.H.I.E.L.D., this episode was particularly lacking in action and forward motion. Stark seemed to make an appearance simply to remind the audience that Carter is acting to clear Stark’s name and secretly protect the public from his “bad babies.” He lied his way through the episode, for no clear reason other than he is used to lying. The end reveal, while one that reminds us how we were initially introduced to Peggy, seems to have no particular relevance to the story and the plot development.

One surprisingly enjoyable part of the show is Chad Michael Murray as Thompson. His growth as an actor is apparent from his early Disney days to now playing a post-WWII secret agent. His flamboyant arrogance during interrogations and flippant banter with Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) are reminiscent of old gangsters and detectives. It is one of the many factors that make the show good, clean fun, even when the story is not at a high point.

At the close of the episode, as a viewer, I felt that I could have skipped this episode entirely and could carry on the next week without skipping a beat. If Marvel has a bigger plan and is establishing roots for further stories, they appear to be a vague inkling at best from this week’s episode. If you want something entertaining, Agent Carter is always a good choice. But this week, don’t expect to have your mind blown with a substantial story. DO be on the lookout for our favorite comic book man in a cameo!

Be sure to tune in next week on Tuesday for episode 5 “The Iron Ceiling” of Agent Carter on ABC. Next week promises to bring some of the old team (the Howling Commandos” together in Russia, perhaps running right into a trap. The promo leads one to believe that we will see more action in the coming episode and more familiar faces!



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