Review: Forever

Immortality. A blessing or a curse? What does one do with all the time in the world? Forever (from ABC) explores this life style, following the present and past exploits of 200 year old Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd). An ME in New York City, he explores death in all shapes and forms, with the desire to unlock the secret to his immortality.

As a procedural crime drama, Forever is solid. Each episode presents a new case for Henry and his counterpart homicide detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) to solve. Due to his unique perspective on death and more than one lifetime of experience, Henry sees what others miss and greatly aids the crime solving process. Meanwhile, darkness lurks in Henry’s life as (SPOILER) a mysterious man who calls himself Adam claims to also be immortal.

 Forever has some strongly developed characters. Henry Morgan is a smart gentleman with a compassionate heart and a strong sense of justice. He is witty as well as sophisticated. The writers have done an excellent job in creating an endearing character to lead the cast and Ioan Gruffudd does not disappoint in the role.

Judd Hirsch plays Henry’s son Abe, who is an old man himself now. He is smartly played in the know about his father’s secret and ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Henry’s assistant ME, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore) is especially fun, as he clearly desired to be a part of Henry’s life and senses the mystery around him. He is clearly the comedic relief of the show, and subtly fulfills that role as an endearing supporting character. So we have a good story, solid crime solving, and a couple fun and wise characters.

But when it comes to the detective Jo, I begin to feel a breakdown as we find nothing unique about the character. Writers attempt to make her into a kind of tortured soul after her husband’s death but the comfortable lightness of the show makes this puzzle piece an awkward fit. And the story of Adam seems to be perpetually placed on the back burner. While the show is different and interesting, it would be wise to provide more about the mysterious immortal during each episode to create a season long story line for viewers to invest in.

If you haven’t been watching Forever, get started now. It’s easily a 7/10 and deserves a wider audience.

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