Sky Net, Terminator, and AI – Legitimate Fear?

Is a hostile takeover by AI a legitimate concern? Stephen Hawking thinks so. Movies about artificial intelligence abound in movies and have done so for some time. The Terminator franchise warns us of the dangers of AI that has gone too far and created an apocalypse if nuclear war. The Matrix follows humanity’s story after a terrible war with the machines. We see a softer side with movies like Bicentennial Man. But why this fascination? And those movies that warn us against “playing God” and taking it to far… Are they bringing up a legitimate threat?

There are many who believe so. Some say the world will end in fire. Others in ice. My father is adamant that the end will involve zombies. Personally, I have always felt that a terminator scenario has been the most likely of Hollywood stylized end of the world theories. It may not just be a cinematic plot to entertain. Perhaps it should be a concern. It’s not just the extreme conspiracy theorists who are warning us, but also scientific minds in the developing tech field of AI, and one of the smartest men we know — Stephen Hawking.

Take a look at the article below from the “I Fucking Love Science” website for more information.

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