Review: Galavant

Truth is, there are not only comic nerds or movie nerds. There are also musical theater nerds. A creative breed of nerd, outgoing and a tad goofy. And what does television have to offer for such a folk? Galavant.

Galavant is a musical comedy 4 week long mini-series showing on ABC. A winsome, surprisingly charming show that is quickly becoming the guilty pleasure of many viewers. Reminiscent of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, the show is a song and dance shindig that is witty and wonderfully clever. It is rare that a show breaks the fourth wall, let alone does so effectively. However, Galavant succeeds and is on the right side of campy, acknowledging the silliness of the spectacle while embracing it with open arms. While characters break out into song (with music from the great Alan Menken), subtle jokes and jabs are made, at the expense of every individual on screen. While there is a clear “good and evil” to be seen, the light hearted portrayal by each actor shows the flip side to every story.

We see some Hollywood newcomers, as well as some familiar faces. Psych fans get to enjoy Tim Omundson as the “evil” king who stole Galavant’s fair maiden. The rough and tough Vinnie Jones plays a king’s guard. Harry Potter and Community fans… Take a good long look at Galavant’s squire. (You’re welcome.) Even John Stamos is seen in an episode of this ABC show.

Is Galavant worth watching? I give you a solid YES. Beautiful actors, clever writing, camp, and fun. A little bit of silly in a show that refuses to take itself too seriously is exactly what everyone needs to start the new year. 8/10 is a fair assessment of this delightful exhibition. Watch and let yourself be pulled into the ridiculous for a time.

Galavant is on ABC at 5pm PST in Sundays. The 4 week extravaganza is worth taking a chance on.

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