CW On Point: Arrow and The Flash

Our favorite shows are on break. It’s the only kind of holiday I simply can’t enjoy. But the wait is almost over. Soon, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen will be back on our screens. CW is on point with their promos, becoming experts in the art of teasing. They give us a nibble, and we bite on the hook like our lives depend on it.

Today, the plot synopsis was revealed for ep. 1×11 of The Flash, which is to be titled “The Sound and the Fury.” The Pied Pier (Andy Mientus) will make an entrance, with a vendetta against the scientifically ruined Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Like many rogues, the particle accelerator caused some… changes for one former follower of Dr. Wells – Hartley Rathaway. Not everyone can be happy about such changes, like our beloved Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Some just want to exact a bit of revenge. Iris (Candice Patton) will find herself employed somewhere other than the coffee shop. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) calls in a favor to Eddie (Rick Cosnett). Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gets nostalgic and remembers his first day at S.T.A.R. Labs. Hopefully more will be revealed as we enter into the latter half of the first season of The Flash.pied-piper


Also on the subject of The Flash (SPOILER ALERT), those of you shipping Barry and Iris may get exactly what you want sometime this season, as this photo from filming in Vancouver Park reveals.
Locking lips: Grant Gustin and Candice Patton were spotted sharing a kiss while filming a scene for The Flash in Vancouver, Canada

On the flipside, another promo was released for Arrow. We see and hear a bit more from Malcolm Meryln (John Barrowman) about Oliver (Stephen Amell), and we see some other DC heroes in action, in the absence of our dear Ollie. And who can say no to a little bit of villainous Vinnie Jones? Sign me up!

Keep watching and prepare yourself for the upcoming mid-season premieres of some DC heroes on the CW Network.

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