Review: Gotham Rogues’ Gallery

Last night on Fox, we saw the return of Gotham to our televisions with an episode titled “Rogues’ Gallery.” The title, indeed, does not disappoint. We see many not-so-concealed easter eggs for Batman characters. However… are the easter eggs enough to keep things going?

Gotham comes back after break with Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) exiled to work in security at Arkham Asylum. His girlfriend has left him. The fight seems over. But like any good detective, Gordon finds himself a mystery to solve.

I’m a comic fan. I love my superheroes. I adore my villains. (Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, anyone? Brilliant!) I hunt for easter eggs in a show. But Gotham sometimes seems to be depending on that as its foundation. While I admire the creative filming style choices, especially during the scenes in Arkham during this most recent episode, it’s not necessarily enough to make this show a “must watch” for me. During this episode, particularly, the terrible, almost Shakespearean delivery of poorly written lines (You’ll chuckle at this reference if you watched last night’s episode) was almost painful. I personally struggle with the lack of strong plot development throughout the show, and I find myself wondering when, or if, Gotham will find its stride.

I’m sticking around for Penguin though. That’s a character arc that shows promise. Robin Lord Taylor has truly made Penguin his own, and for that reason, I choose to continue watching… crossing my fingers that this DC show will find its way through the muck of the television world.

Keep watching Gotham on Fox on Monday nights. Although this episode gets a 4/10 in my book, there are some roots with promise. With a little TLC, they just might grow into a good television show.

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